Studio Beginnings

10 year old me had a choice.

The rule growing up was that I had to be enrolled in some sort of activity and at the time the options were soccer or clay class. I remember driving by the fields thinking why do people enjoy being outside, in the rain during Vancouver’s winter?

Ten-year old me chose clay class.

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I loved my class at the local arts centre though I recall being annoyed that we weren’t allowed on the wheel at that age. Sometimes I think that hand building still brings out the 10-year-old in me. I’m not sure that tantrum is the right word but there is a certain patience required for clay.

Older me, also found a love for soccer and for most of my teens, I found myself away from the studio. But in my early twenties, I found time for clay again. I was struggling through some tough university math and physics classes and I needed a creative outlet.

I registered for an evening class at a downtown Vancouver community centre and finally spent some time earning those 10,000 hours on the wheel.

Though today, it's been twenty years of on and off ceramics work pottery is still my creative outlet. I have a membership at a local community centre which has a group of amazing people all with their own unique styles, approaches and of course advice! 

I feel like I will never fully master this art. But you will find me in the studio during my free time trying to make some progress.

Happy potting!